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IPH Mist Suppression Ltd are delighted to act for a diverse range of Developers, Architects and Home Owners on both a regional and national basis.

A Beginner’s Guide to Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Recent Government Legislation change (April 2020) identified the implementation of fire suppression systems as a mandatory requirement for all residential/domestic apartment blocks above 11 meters, marking the greatest change to building safety systems in a generation.

This new mandatory action, matched with existing ‘open plan living’ requirements, makes fire suppression and fire safety in the home an important discussion in any new development.

IPH are deliberately geared for this change and is committed to supporting Developers, Home Owners and Architects who seek to install an effective and discreet fire suppression for their properties.

Residential + Commercial

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Benefit from our custom made water mist fire suppression systems, expert advice and project management. We deliver on time and to budget.


We are delighted to support both Independent and larger scale property developers who seek a robust, efficient and cost effective fire suppression system for developing both multiple units or high rise apartment blocks.

IPH Mist Suppression would be delighted to offer an alternative quote/tender when seeking fire suppression sprinkler or water mist systems in the future.


We assist home owners in realising their renovation designs. So many property owners are looking to remove the constraints of period compartmentilisation and look to achieve open plan living.

In these circumstances our product allows your vision to be realised without compromising on the revised fire safety standards or on the aesthetics of your property.


We are excited to engage with Architects who seek a solution to create open plan flexible living space while maintaining a focused regard for current fire regulation standards.

We are delighted that our premium product is both aesthetically pleasing as our discreet patent water mist nozzles sit only 3mm flush with the ceiling and malleable to any space (whether it’s a retro fit or new build).

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Are you looking for a water mist fire suppression system that you can rely upon and doesn’t negatively impact the aesthetics of your project?

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IPH Offer a Fully Engineered Solution

IPH take pride in developing effective relationships with experts in their field and as such we can deliver a fully engineered solution with an approved:

  • Independent Building Inspector
  • Independent Fire Safety Engineer
  • Fire Risk Assessment Engineer
  • Report Writer

Our ‘3rd Party’ expert Assessors, having worked with us for a number of years, are very familiar with our water mist system and its benefits.

They cover the whole of the Greater Manchester area up to the Border of Scotland, down to Birmingham and include North Wales.

As more 3rd Party Assessors work with us directly to support build projects, so does our reach to offer independent engineered solutions to those who may need it.

Latest News & Case Studies

How does a water mist system work?

How does a water mist system work?

How does it work? High-pressure pumps force water through the stainless-steel Ultra Fog water mist nozzles, discharging the water in the form of millions of tiny droplets – typically 30 – 200 µm...

Testing, Type Approvals and Compliance

Testing, Type Approvals and Compliance

Ultra Fog’s Commercial Water Mist System has been fire tested by the Swedish Test Laboratory (SP), SINTEF - Norway and Danish Fire Laboratory (DFL), and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and...