Water Mist Vs Sprinklers

A traditional fire sprinkler head is the component of a fire sprinkler system that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded. Fire sprinklers are extensively used worldwide, with over 40 million sprinkler heads fitted each year. It is important to note this system saves countless lives and is regarded as a key fire suppression system.

However, since the Water Mist initial stage development in the year 2000, there has been an interest in furthering the application of high pressure water mist technology as a credited fire protection system for the residential and domestic sector.

One of our aims at IPH Mist Suppression is to offer an education as to why water mist systems are a considered solution for a residential and domestic development projects, as such we offer you our thoughts…

Architects Guide


Fire tested to BS:8458 residential watermist and BS:9252 sprinkler standard.


Our aesthetic nozzles sit flush with the ceiling making them as discreet as possible.


The custom pump auto tests monthly to ensure ongoing functionality.


Our flexible high pressure hose, allows efficient system instal of any property with ease.


The pump operates solely from the mains water supply, no large water tanks required.


Receive real time alerts direct to your phone or smart device.

Advantages to using a water mist system:

Rapid fire suppression and control

Low maintenance costs

Low water consumption

Low cost reinstatement after system discharge

Easy to retrofit

Corrosion resistant components

Environmentally sound

Causes minimal damage to material possessions

Safe for personnel in occupied areas

Economical installation with premium flexible hoses

Smoke damage reduced

Doesn’t all go off at once

Despite what the movies tell you, water mist nozzles (like sprinklers) operate independently.

Only nozzles close to the heat from the fire will activate. Therefore, a fire in a living room will only activate the mist nozzles in that room.

Nozzles are discreet

Our water mist nozzles are the most discreet domestic nozzles on the market and are hardly visible. Our nozzles sit flush at just 3mm and look like a white disc.

Colour matching to an interior colour scheme is possible where required and stainless steel is also possible.

When our mist system is engineered into a project, the architect has more scope to change the use of space, which in turn changes the nature of the interior, creating unique designs.

Nozzles have a low failure rate

The odds are in excess of 1 in 16 million against accidental discharge because of a manufacturing defect and the nozzles we use are not easy to tamper with once fitted.

During manufacture, our nozzles are rigorously tested.

Activates with heat

Smoke from cooking or smokers’ materials will not activate a system.

Works differently to smoke detectors

Smoke detectors provide valuable warning time but which can alert people of smoke but does not suppress a growing fire.

Detectors must be routinely maintained and be in good working order to help save lives but can’t help those who are unable to remove themselves from the environment.

It is worrying fact that 90% of children sleep through smoke alarms. Smoke is toxic and kills. Water mist inhibits the spread of smoke and saves lives.

Ensure minimum damage

Water mist nozzles operate at the early stages of a fire and only discharge 10-20% of the amount of traditional water sprinklers. In all cases this is sufficient to completely extinguish the beginnings of a fire and in turn minimises the damage to a households material posessions.

Water mist systems also minimises damage from smoke and fire. To control a fire which has developed unabated, the fire service will be obliged to discharge far more water (100 to 200 times the volume.)

Very competitive on price

Our pricing model for the design, install and maintenance of our water mist systems are highly competitive.

If incorporated into old buildings, our flexible hoses and easy install (without the need for large water tanks) our water mist systems save remain highly comepetitive.

IPH Mist Suppression deliver further options for reducing costs on larger development projects.

  • In the event of a Fire - 80% less water deployed by our discrete Water Mist System against a traditional sprinkler system 80% 80%


All work is carried out by IPH’s experienced team of engineers and is delivered to the highest standard.


Need help? We have engineers available 24 hours a day to ensure your systems are always at peak efficiency.


The IPH Mist Suppression team have over 70 years combined experience in fire suppression and safety installation.

Using the IPH System, Architects can further explore:

Bespoke ‘Open Plan’ Designing

Regard for compartmentalisation and protection of fire escape routes need not inhibit an Architects desire to create open, flexible living space.


– Removal of the need for a secondary method of escape

– Travel distance extension

– Boundary distance reduction

– Increased freedom for open planning on ground floor

– Reduction in the compartmentalisation of fire resistance

All properties possess their own unique set of challenges and hazards to overcome, our IPH water mist system is “project specific” allowing any design to achieve fire suppression honed to that unique space.

As such, our water mist designers and engineers are well versed in exploring effective and creative solutions to ensure your property is suitably protected, without impeding upon a bespoke design.

Our Water Mist System passes the Test!

Read full approval certificate confirming 3rd Party Testing and accredited standards.

Increased Fire Safety Measures


Following recent Government Legislation change (May 2020), fire suppression systems are now regarded as a mandatory requirement for a wider range of residential and domestic properties and apartment blocks that marks the greatest change to building safety systems in a generation!

The Custom PUMP

The Patent NOZZLE

The HOSE & Fittings

Thinking of designing an open plan living space?

Our expertise of the water mist system allows a creative delivery to design with flexible installation solutions to any challenges that may present themselves when attending a live site.

The IPH approach ensures that both small and large scale projects remain on time and to budget.

“We are delighted that IPH speed of service and knowledge of Building Reg’s matched with their premium product allowed our Architect creativity in their design and our vision to be realised.”

…another Happy Client

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