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Water Mist Nozzle

The UK’s No.1 Discreet Nozzle for your home:

Designed specifically for the residential sector to suppress fire using a fine mist while ensuring minimal damage to occur to the fabric of the building and material possessions.

water mist system - the water mist system

Protect your home

Ultimately, once installation of a water mist system is complete, it is the water mist nozzles that are the remaining visible feature. It is therefore important to IPH Mist Suppression that we continued to deliver a premium product to our clientelle.

We are delighted to provide the UK’s most discreet water mist nozzle to home owners, developers and architects who are seeking a quality finish without compromising on functionality.

Low Profile

Good Aesthetics within the Home is key

Our water mist nozzles not only have an easy fix design, but they are extremely low profile! 

Our Water mist fire suppression nozzles, for residential and domestic properties, sit just 3mm below the ceiling, with each patented nozzle offering 16 m² of protection.

This means that our water mist nozzle design is the sleekest, most aesthetically pleasing on the market currently being installed into thousands of homes across the UK.

Property Insurance

Water Damage is the New Fire Damage

It is repeatedly documented by Property Insurers that it is the excessive use of water while quenching a fire that is a great financial concern regarding any damage claim.

Our modern and discreet nozzles are designed specifically for the residential and domestic sector by suppressing a fire using a fine mist, allowing minimal damage to occur to both the fabric of the building and material possessions.

Our water mist nozzles are deliberately designed to use 80% less water than traditional sprinkler heads!

Water Mist System - flush nozzle
water mist system


72mm x 19mm


Easy instal torsion springs

Lightweight design

200g per nozzle

Bulb specification

Heat sensitive activation at 57°C and above

Fire Suppression

16m² per patent nozzle

3mm below ceiling

Standard working Specifications

For more features on the water mist patent nozzle, please refer to the data sheets.

K Factor: 1.92

Temperature rating: 57°C

Manufacturer: HiPro Industries.

Part Number: PU002-00

Max Pressure: 1020 psi (70 bar)

Response Type: Fast (Residential + Domestic)

Occupancy Type: Residential + Domestic

Connection Size: 3/8” BSP

Min Spacing: 2m (6.5ft)

Max Spacing: 4m x 4m (13.2 x 13.2ft)

Colour: Standard colour white, other colours available on request.

One nozzle protects a 4m x 4m area:

It must be a maximum of 2m from a wall and there must be a maximum of 4m between nozzles.


Full Spec and Sizing

Our nozzles work by a heat sensitive bulb that when activated, discharges a water mist which removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire providing fast and effective fire suppression.

NOTICE: The product details indicated are for general reference only and may vary based on the specific product approval and/or application.

RAL System

Can I change the Nozzle colour?

Yes, for a premium, the colour of the nozzles can be altered to match any desired colour using the RAL colour code system.

* This may incur longer lead times. 

"We are delighted that IPH speed of service and knowledge of Building Reg’s matched with their premium product allowed our Architect creativity in their design and our vision to be realised.”

…another Happy Client

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Double Knock Safety Feature

When using this facility, the pumps would need to have both the smoke detection and the water mist nozzle operate before the custom pumps will run.

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