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Ultra Fog Testing Nozzles

Delivering high-pressure water mist fire protection:

Since the 1990’s, Ultra Fog has been developing their high-pressure sprinkler system for fighting commercial fires with water mist. As such, they have developed a unique testing tool which doesn’t break the bulbs when we’re servicing them!

Testing is important

Ultra Fog Nozzle Test Tool, in land applications, helps to prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion and keeps nozzles in a fully functional working condition.

The Test Tool may be used for all types of land structures and buildings where the Ultra Fog water mist system is installed.

Easy testing

Our Test Nozzle is endorsed in the field

The introduction of the Ultra Fog nozzle test tool is gaining worldwide endorsement, ensuring Ultra Fog remains at the technological frontier of the water mist industry.


Our Test Tool ensures Pipes do NOT Clog

The Ultra Fog Nozzle Test Tool releases the piston and allows water to flow through the nozzles without breaking the glass bulb.

The idea is to check whether the piston is working correctly. This enables flushing of the ends of the distribution pipes, displacing and siphoning away any sediment which might have built up. A flow monitor can verify that the correct water flow can spring from the nozzle when the system is activated.


Our Test Tool protects Pipes from Corrosion

Pipelines are intended to transport the water, but what if at the required moment water is not floating?

Microorganisms may interact with the pipes, causing microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) which may influence flow of the water in case of fire.

Microbiologically influenced corrosion refers to the influence of microorganisms on the corrosion processes of metals. This may sound like a minor issue, but nothing more wrong – it’s been counted that MIC related industrial loss in Australia it is estimated to be $5bln yearly. This example shows how serious the microbiologically influenced corrosion issue is.

However, MIC might be avoided by using the Ultra Fog Nozzle Test Tool, which prevents standing water in pipes and, hence, prevents microbiologically influenced corrosion. Thanks to the tool, standing water together with dangerous microorganisms is removed from the pipes and nozzles.

Safe + Effective

Dependable Testing

This unique water mist testing tool makes the maintenance of the nozzle fast and effective.

Using the Ultra Fog Nozzle Test Tool saves time, saves money but, above all, ensures that the fire suppression system is fully functional and active at all times.


Safe Maintenence for Commercial Property.

The Nozzle Tool is a failsafe system which enables the testing of every single nozzle without the need to dismount the nozzle from the ceiling or to break the temperature sensing bulb!

The corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process that requires the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. Essentially, the iron in the steel is oxidised to produce rust, which occupies approximately six times the volume of the original material.

Due to the discovery of the “nozzle clogging problem” by a Bahamas Flag Surveyor was concluded that up to 80% of water mist nozzles installed on passenger’s vessels could be clogged and dysfunctional.

This led to the revision of IMO rules to improve the maintenance of water mist systems in the marine industry. Carnival Cruise Lines and many other fleet operators have introduced new measures to respond to IMO standards to increase the safety of passengers and crew.

The Nozzle Tool is a testament to Ultra Fogs ability to respond and stay ahead of market needs and regulations. This Test Tool is a perfect addition when safely maintaining our water mist fire suppression systems within commercial property.

Ultra Fog has developed a Nozzle Tool which ensures that the Water Mist System remains fully functional throughout its lifetime. The Nozzle Tool is a failsafe system which enables the testing of every single nozzle without the need to dismount the nozzle from the ceiling or to break the temperature sensing bulb!