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Water Mist Testing

Applicable to the Residential + Domestic Sector

We are delighted to partner with iCO as a dedicated installer, of their approved, custom built and patented water mist system, for residential and domestic properties.

water mist system - the water mist system

Passing the Test

On the 23rd March 2016 our custom built water mist system undertook independent third party rigorous inspection by Exova Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory, achieving the required testing and standards criteria.

Testing is done on set criteria and also ensures systems are tested to cover fire compartments of up to 80m² which when achieved, allows water mist system to be used on domestic and residential projects across the UK. Full transparency of test reports and certificates are available upon request for potential clients.

Dedicated installers

IPH Partner with iCO®

We design, install and maintain iCO® active water mist system that will protect your home and loved ones in the event of the unthinkable.

iCO® Products is ISO9001 accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of water mist fire suppression systems.

The iCO® patented technology has been independently tested by Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory and meets the performance requirements of BS:8458 Residential Water Mist Standards and against performance fire tests of BS:9252 Sprinkler Standards.

Performance Tests

Exova Warrington Fire

Carried out two sets of performance fire tests which are detailed as the following standards.

BS 9252

Objective: To demonstrate the capability of a water mist system to control a fire utilising the principles of the test procedure defined in BS 9252:2011: Annex S.

Conclusion: Where the thermocouples were positioned at 1.6m above the floor, the temperatures did not exceed 55°C for any 120 second interval.

BS 8458:2015

BS 8458

Objective: To demonstrate the capability of a water mist system to control a fire when tested in accordance with BS 8458:2015: Annex C.

Conclusion: The water mist system suppressed the fuel packages and met all the criteria specified in Clause 6.1 (a), (b) & (c) of BS 8458:2015 for domestic and residential purposes at a maximum of 80m².

*It should be noted that BS:9252 is a sprinkler standard not a water mist standard, therefore it is not possible for the iCO nozzle to comply to the flow requirement (or design density as it is commonly known) of the tests. Sprinklers and water mist are fundamentally different in this regard as it was determined that Water Mist Systems use less water at a higher pressure to create smaller droplets that control the fire more effectively.

**To verify the performance of our nozzle against this standard the test room, fire load and pass-fail criteria were exactly as prescribed in the standard. The only difference was the flow of water from our nozzle which was considerably less than a sprinkler system.

Set to standards

Viable Alternative to Tradition

The IPH Water Mist System is a viable alternative to traditional sprinkler systems and our designs are submitted in conjunction with the following standards as applicable:

BS 8458 – BS 9251 – BS 9252 – BS 7671

(other standards may apply)


2022 Results

Soon to publish…

The specification and interpretation of fire test methods are the subject of ongoing development and refinement. Changes in associated legislation may also occur. For these reasons it is recommended the relevance of test reports over 5 years old should be considered by the user.

The choice is yours

Many Fire Suppression Systems to choose from

Where these are used it is necessary to ensure that such systems have been designed and tested for use in domestic buildings and are fit for their intended purpose.

*** We demonstrate that our systems have been designed and tested for use in domestic buildings and are fit for their intended purpose by our system performance fire tests carried out to BS8458 (Fixed fire protection systems – Residential and domestic water mist systems – Code of practice for design and installation) and BS9252:2011 (Components for residential sprinkler systems – Specification and test methods for residential sprinklers) carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory, Exova Warrington Fire.

Note: There are no traditional sprinklers available on the market that have been successfully tested to BS9252. The sprinkler industry instead of adhering to ‘British Standard’ use an American UL test.

water mist system

Custom Pump

Our sleek compact pump unit, has the power to protect your property. It can be connected directly to the mains water and includes an automated and digital manual test facility.

Flexible Hose

Our R7 thermoplastic hydraulic hose, with a max working pressure of 175 bar, is more than double the requirement of the operating pressure of our custom made pump and has the flexibility to easily navigate behind the walls of your property.

Patent Nozzle

Our discreet nozzles work by a heat sensitive bulb that when activated, discharges a water mist which removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire providing fast and effective fire suppression.

Manual Switch

A robust and lockable isolator 230v supply switch.

Isolation Valve

Allows you to have control over the flow of water to the pump without having to knock off the machine pump.

Check Valve

This Check Valve must be approved to WRAS standards.

Demand Valve

Our Priority Demand Valve ensures that in the event of activation, water is prioritised to run directly to the pump which in turn feeds to the custom nozzles.


We are water mist fire suppression Experts

It is essential that automatic fire suppression systems are properly designed, installed and maintained.

Our water mist suppression system can detect, suppress and control a fire at an early stage of development and also activate an alarm straight to your smart device.

Operation of the system rapidly reduces the rate of production of heat and smoke, allowing more time for the occupants to escape to safety or be rescued.

Freedom of Design

Passing the Test

Rest easy knowing our system can be flexible enough to accommodate any design your hoping to achieve.

All properties possess their own unique set of challenges and hazards to overcome, our IPH water mist system is “project specific” allowing any design to achieve fire suppression honed to that unique space.

As such, our water mist designers and engineers are well versed in exploring effective and creative solutions to ensure your property is suitably protected, without impeding upon a bespoke architectural design.

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