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Who are iCO Products?

iCO® Products is ISO9001 accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of water mist fire suppression systems.

Who are iCO Products?

Industry leaders in domestic and residential water mist fire suppression systems.

iCO® offers a more effective, cost efficient, sustainable and less damaging alternative to conventional fire sprinkler systems.

The iCO® Patented Technology has been developed to disperse a fine, high-pressure water mist, ensuring that the water evaporates as quickly as possible: decelerating the combustion process much more effectively than a conventional fire sprinkler system.

In the event of a fire the iCO® system will discharge a calculated amount of water mist from the nearest nozzle, suppressing the fire efficiently without causing excess water damage.

The next generation fire suppression system.

Conventional fire sprinkler systems were originally developed for commercial fire suppression. Whilst these systems perform well in specific situations, they are not ideal for homes or residential properties such as care premises or blocks of flats.

Operating independently, and using 80% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, our discreet nozzles cause much less water damage in the event of a fire; whilst providing real time alerts to notify the owner.

The iCO® system is environmentally friendly and only uses water from the mains when needed: saving vast amounts of water.

Designed for architects, built for professionals.

Our discreet and easy to install water mist solution is designed specifically for residential and domestic properties, offering exceptional design flexibility whilst providing faster and more reliable fire protection.

The compact iCO® pump unit connects directly to the water mains using flexible piping with easy-fit fittings and benefitting from discreet patented nozzles, making the system highly adaptable, cost efficient and easy to install. There is no need to upgrade the water mains or to fit an expensive water tank.

One solution, multiple applications.

The iCO® fire suppression system can be installed in almost any residential or domestic property.

iCO® is an ideal solution for private homes, heritage or listed buildings, new-build properties, apartments, care homes, student accommodation, hotels, industrial kitchens and HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy) where the risk of fire is greater.

A growing number of forward-thinking architects and developers are specifying the iCO® system in their designs to reduce the passive requirements needed to meet building regulations: allowing more flexibility and freedom of design.

IPH Design, Install + Service

We are an iCO Approved Installer!

IPH are delighted to partner with iCO® who have patents approved in UK, USA, Europe and Australia for their residential and domestic water mist fire suppression system.


Water Mist System


Water Mist System

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