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How does a water mist system work?

In order to understand how a water mist system works, you first need to consider the triangle-based formula for extinguishing a fire and how this action also supports the prevention of probable re-ignition.

How does a water mist system work?

How does it work? High-pressure pumps force water through the stainless-steel Ultra Fog water mist nozzles, discharging the water in the form of millions of tiny droplets – typically 30 – 200 µm diameter.

An activated system will create a blanket of water mist droplets that maximise heat absorption from the fire and subsequently displacing oxygen upon evaporation and expansion of the water mist as it converts to steam.

Water mist systems are differentiated from sprinkler systems by mist’s unique ability to present a much greater water surface area (enabling rapid heat absorption), combined with the mist’s ability to remain suspended in the air for a much longer duration – thereby creating more exposure time for the heat absorption to take effect. This enables water mist systems to cool and suppress fire using considerably less water than sprinkler systems.

The specific design objectives of water mist are fire control, temperature control, exposure protection, suppression, and extinguishment.

Fire is simply not sustainable without heat and oxygen.


Fighting Fires in 3 Ways

The efficiency of both our residential and commercial system is in the water mist micro-droplets that fight the fire in three ways:

1. Cooling the space

2. Attenuating radiant heat

3. Displacing the oxygen that reaches the fire

Our Commercial Partners – Ultra Fog, have provided this video which illustrates how a water mist system works using the example of ice cubes.


Water Mist System


Water Mist System

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