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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all the frequently asked questions when someone first contacts us about our residential and domestic water mist system. We hope you find it helpful.

What are the advantages to Water Mist over Sprinklers?

Water Mist Systems have been proven to offer advantages over conventional sprinkler technology in both residential and domestic applications including:

  • No accidental activation.
  • A discreet finish.
  • Minimal water damage in the event of a fire.
  • Flexible hosing to navigate difficult areas.
  • Operating monthly self tests.
  • No need for large water storage tanks.
  • Real-time alerts to a smart phone.
  • Highly competitive pricing.


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What property types are suitable for Water Mist?

Water Mist Systems are ideal for the Domestic and Residential properties, including:


  • Houses & Bungalows
  • Apartment & Residential Blocks
  • Manufactured or Modular Homes
  • Nursing Homes, Hotels & HMO’s
  • Heritage & listed properties
  • Industrial Kitchens
What's the Working Pressure of the Pump?

Our Pump run pressure can be adjusted from 10 – 100 bar to suite different nozzles which may be used for protection of different applications.

When not activated by fire, our Custom Pump sits on standby at standard water mains pressure.


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Does the system comply with the BS:8458 fire tests?

BS 8458

Objective: To demonstrate the capability of a water mist system to control a fire when tested in accordance with BS 8458:2015: Annex C.

Conclusion: The water mist system suppressed the fuel packages and met all the criteria specified in Clause 6.1 (a), (b) & (c) of BS 8458:2015 for domestic and residential purposes at a maximum of 80m².

The IPH Water Mist System is a viable alternative to traditional sprinkler systems and our designs are submitted in conjunction with the following standards as applicable:

BS 8458 – BS 9251 – BS 9252 – BS 7671

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Does a Water Mist System have to be installed by a certified professional?

Our Water Mist Systems must be installed and commissioned by a Certified Water Mist Installer to conform to the BS:8458 water mist standard.

How many nozzles do I need to protect my space?

One nozzle protects a 4m x 4m area, it must be a maximum of 2m from a wall and there must be a maximum of 4m between nozzles.

To understand exactly how many nozzles you need – Get your FREE Quote

Does the flexible tubing need to be installed behind a fire rated barrier?

Flexible tubing is required to be mounted behind a fire rated barrier. Stainless Steel 316 rigid pipework can also be used for surface run applications where a fire rated barrier is not suitable.

How does the nozzle operate?

Each nozzle contains a frangible bulb that heats up in the event of a fire, this then bursts when a certain temperature is reached, activating the system and allows mist to exit the nozzle. We can change the bulb on request depending on the application. For example, if you require your sauna or an orangery to be fire protected, we can change the activation temperature of the bulb to ensure it operates effectively in any environment.

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Can the pump be connected to a fire panel?

Our Pump has a pair of volt free contacts for fire and fault; allowing it to be connected to third party equipment such as fire systems and smoke detectors.

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Can the Water Mist System be installed without removing the plasterboard?

In short, Yes. installing our water mist system without removing the plasterboard is much like installing spotlights. The easy fixing nozzles and the flexible tube make this especially straightforward, making it a hassle-free addition to any property.

Can the time be chosen for when Water Mist Pump performs a self-test?

The self-test will be performed once a month, at the same time the pump was initially powered on and commissioned. Usually therefore, once a month, between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Can the colour of the nozzle be changed?

Yes, for a premium, the colour of the nozzles can be altered to match any desired colour using the RAL colour code system.

* This may effect lead in time, please check timescales prior to ordering.

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Water Mist vs Sprinkler

An education of the high-pressure water mist technology as a credited fire protection system throughout the residential and domestic sector is here.

What are the benefits

'Open Plan' Design

Regard for compartmentalisation and protection of fire escape routes need not inhibit an Architect's or property owner's desire to create open, flexible living space.

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We Pass the Test

We meet the performance requirements of BS:8458 Residential Water Mist Standards and against performance fire tests of BS:9252 Sprinkler Standards.

Approved Results

Achieved Standards

Our water mist system is the industry’s leading domestic and residential fire suppression mist system and is proudly manufactured in Britain.

Patents granted in UK, USA, Australia & Europe

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Mandatory Fire Suppression

Building Regulations in Approved Document B has reduced the trigger height for sprinklers and water mist systems, making fire suppression mandatory for a wider range of properties.

Effective Nov. 2020

We Partnered with iCO

Industry leaders in domestic and residential water mist fire suppression systems, reasoning why we have partnered with them as an expert designer, installer and service provider of their systems.

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Questions Answered

We answer all the frequently asked questions when someone first contacts us about our residential and domestic water mist system. We hope you find it helpful.

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