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IPH Mist Suppression’s Water Mist System
A water mist system discharges a fine spray of tiny water droplets. These water droplets are discharged through a specially designed nozzle, which breaks the water into hundreds of micro droplets, producing mist. You must have heard the name water mist suppression system, since it’s the latest in fire protection technology.
12 February 2021

Have you ever thought about what has made water mist systems so popular, and why people are quickly upgrading their fire protection systems?

In this blog, we’ll explain how a water mist suppression system works and how it helps in commercial and domestic settings.

How a water mist suppression system works

Designed to control, suppress, and extinguish a fire, a water suppression system uses less water than a conventional sprinkler system. The objective of the water mist system is to generate water droplets in sufficient quantities, distribute, and maintain the volume. There should be enough water droplets to remove heat in the event of a fire, and displace the oxygen from that area or space. In the space where the fire interacts with the mist, the water droplets lower the temperature of the area, the radiative heat, as well as the oxygen concentration so that combustion can no longer occur.

The efficiency of the system depends greatly on the nozzle design, as well as the range of the size of water droplets and their velocities. A water suppression system has both large and small water droplets; each type has it’s own advantage. The larger droplets penetrate the plume and cool down the fuel. The smaller ones convert to steam at the flame, and increase the enthalpy of the enclosed space.

Benefits of water mist suppression system in domestic settings

Water mist suppression systems result in less damage due to water, activate faster than other water systems, and can extinguish different types of fires. Our water mist suppression system uses up to 80% less water to extinguish the same fire as a conventional sprinkler system. Such fire protection technology does not release toxic fumes, and fits in any room or hallway, and so is advantageous for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of water mist suppression system in commercial settings

Our aim when searching for a water mist system supplier was to offer our customers both unparalleled quality and efficiency. To this end, we chose the compact iCO water mist suppression system – an extremely efficient, high quality, modern product that uses the leading software and a design that is aesthetically pleasing and easily and fits in any space, corridor, or stairwell in buildings.  Another advantage of this particular water mist system is that it tests itself on a monthly basis, leaving you only the annual maintenance check to take care of.

The iCO water mist suppression system uses patent technology, with patents granted in the UK, Europe, the United States, and Australia. Specifically, the iCO water mist system comprises a custom pump that can be wall-mounted or set on the floor, cupboard/cabinet, hose and fittings, and a patented nozzle design that protrudes only 3 mm below a ceiling.

IPH Mist Suppression Ltd. is the approved distributor, and installer for all iCO products. IPH Mist Suppression Ltd. makes sure that whether the project is large or small, it’s delivered on time and within the specified budget.