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Top guide on water mist systems for residential buildings

Residential buildings in the UK are usually safe, yet there were more than 37,000 house fire cases reported last year. Residential buildings are often built with concern for security and convenience. Sometimes the matter of risk of a fire is ignored and can cause significant problems for the future residents.
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Top guide on water mist systems for residential buildings

This guide is sure to help you out in residential fire protection. Just remember these things:


  1. Mist Systems Have Replaced Sprinklers

The traditional sprinklers worked well in their time. But why use something outdated when you have a much better option available?

Water mist systems are now replacing sprinkler systems all over the country. The water mist system uses a heat sensor to identify if a real fire has broken out and responds within seconds to create a mist of fine water droplets to cool it down.

The water mist system works better because the spread of the water droplets in the air enables it to reach farther, cool down the air, and put out the fire.

Moreover, it washes away the smoke from the fire and clears the air inside the home. Most people get trapped in their houses when something catches fire because the smoke suffocates them and makes it impossible to see where they are going. This problem is solved by the smoke washing feature of water mist systems.


  1. Fire Protection Equipment

Water mist systems need to have the correct nozzle type, appropriate water pressure, and adequate water supply to work best. Choosing this equipment and installing them is a professional’s job.

You can look up the water mist systems by IPH Mist Suppression to get details. You need to ensure that the supply tank is not too large or not too small. The water mist system needs less water than sprinkler systems, so you need a smaller tank than a sprinkler needs. You also need to check if the hose is made of stainless steel and is corrugated and flexible; otherwise, it would not be able to withstand the heat from the fire and give in.


  1. Saving Water And Costs

Saving water is not just good for your wallet but good for the environment too. It is now a social responsibility to make green choices as a lifestyle. Water mist systems offered by IPH Mist Suppression save up to 80% of the water consumed by sprinklers.

Choosing a water mist system is good to save precious clean water and helps you lower your water bill.


  1. Property Damage

Sprinkler systems used to work well in the core purpose of extinguishing a fire. But in the process, the sprinkler system would drench the furniture, spoil the carpet, ruin important documents, and cause damage to electrical appliances.

Water mist systems work differently by only wetting the surface area of any objects and cooling the environment. The slight wetting of the surfaces can be easily cleaned without incurring any property damage.


  1. Mandatory Fire Suppression

From November 2020, fire suppression systems have been made mandatory for buildings in the UK that have a height of 11 m or more. Suppose you are going to install a new fire protection system to comply with the regulations. In that case, it is an excellent time to upgrade to the modern water mist system directly and make your residential area genuinely safe.

If you don’t have the time or the interest to install a water mist system, you can ask the professionals at IPH Mist Suppression to give you a free quote. Once you know how it all works, you can go ahead to order your water mist system and installation.

A water mist system is the best choice for residential buildings’ fire protection. If you have a terraced house, it is likely that you don’t have many windows that let in the air into every room. Such places are likely to have a greater impact of fire than places catching fire in open areas. The wise decision is to schedule an installation of a water mist system this weekend and remain worry-free thereon.

Finance Available

Finance Available

We offer finance on all Residential, Domestic and Commercial redevelopment projects who may require financial support to install a water mist system throughout their scheme.

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Water Mist System


Water Mist System

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