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Why Use A Thermoplastic Hose In Your Water Mist System
Since hose products are put to the test by changing temperatures and environmental perils, they need to be made out of a material that is able to handle the stress.
17 May 2021

Since hose products are put to the test by changing temperatures and environmental perils, they need to be made out of a material that is able to handle the stress. The high level of contact strength in a thermoplastic hose makes them a viable option for a water mist system compared to a standard rubber hose or a plastic one that’s unfortunately still used by some companies.

IPH Mist Suppression, a leading installer of active fire suppression systems throughout the UK, explains to you the reasons for choosing a thermoplastic hose in a water mist system instead of opting for any other material.

Performance Advantages Of A Thermoplastic Hose

The strength, versatility, and resilience of a thermoplastic hose gives it a performance edge over other materials.

Resistant To Abrasion and Corrosion

Thermoplastic is naturally a corrosion and abrasion-resistant material. It is often used by manufacturers as a cover over rubber hoses to make them strong and resilient.

A hose in a water mist system is in constant contact with water. Therefore, it is important that it is made of a material that is able to prevent corrosion and abrasion in order to increase the life of the system and ensure proper functioning.

Higher Permeation Resistance

A thermoplastic hose has a higher permeation resistance than a standard rubber option. It thus gives it a far superior resistance against gases like C02, nitrogen, and oxygen, saving the hose from failure and early breakage.

No Contamination

An important aspect of the running of a water mist suppression system is its cleanliness. Accumulation of pollutants or contaminants can result in blockage, making the suppression system dysfunctional.

Also, contamination makes it dangerous. A thermoplastic hose has lower contamination levels that make it a safer option compared to rubber hoses that require cleaning prior to its usage.

A Higher Shelf Life

If kept in the right storage conditions, a thermoplastic hose and it’s associated products have an unlimited shelf life, making it a more reliable option to use in a water mist system.

Handles High Pressure

A water mist suppression system forces out water with pressure so that it completely blankets the affected area with a fine mist of water.

It means the hose must be able to handle high water pressures so that it can support the nozzles action of covering the effected area of fire quickly and efficiently.

Lower Noise Production

Depending on the reinforcement of the thermoplastic hose, they are known to reduce noises in the products or machines they are used in. It serves to be an important factor, as no one would want their water mist system to add to any anxieties with a deafening sound when activated.

IPH Mist Suppression design and install high-end water mist suppression systems that are made by using quality sourced materials to ensure they work perfectly should the need arise.