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Why Are Fire Protection Systems Needed For Residential and Commercial Buildings
The threat of fire breakouts in both family homes and commercial buildings has increased over the last decade, due to the increased dependence on electrical equipment especially in the United Kingdom. Although the use of electrical equipment has made work easy and effortless, the possibility of short circuits or fire due to the heating of these machines makes the installation of a fire protection system all the more necessary.
1 April 2021

To be forearmed, you have to keep all your safety tools and equipment ready while understanding the essential roles they play in shielding residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Over recent time, fire safety systems have been revolutionised, bringing mechanisms such as a new water mist system that help in quickly overcoming a potentially dangerous situation.

Having introduced its revolutionary water mist system, IPH Mist Suppression outlines the importance of installing fire protection systems below:

Saves Damage Repairing Cost

An optimal fire protection system in residential and commercial buildings is essential as the occurrence of fire events is possible. The active fire protection system minimises losses in such circumstances. Burning of furniture items, fabrics, and failing structure by fire cause loss that could potentially demand construction from scratch. Instances as small as wrong wiring can cause fire breakouts that can eat away a building to the last bit. Therefore, an integrated fire extinguishing system such as the mist sprinkler system can save you literally millions.

Prevents Fire Expansion

The speed at which fire spreads over an area is peerless. Timely detection and action can save both lives and property. A proper mechanism that puts out fire, before it expands again, helps bring down repairing costs and protects people.

In half of the residential areas in the United Kingdom (UK), where the homes are at a closer distance, the threat of other homes catching fire is also possible. Similarly, commercial areas comprise shops or items that are flammable, and an entire shopping centre if not attended can be a blaze in no time at all. An efficient mechanism such as a water mist system forms a cover over the focussed area and cools down the fire before it devours the property.


Now, more environment-friendly options are being rolled out in the market, installing such systems assist in safeguarding and protecting the natural surrounding; no harmful or toxic fumes are released that enter the respiratory system that could make breathing difficult; the amount of water used when activated is also greatly reduced from the standard set previously.

One such system is the water mist system that ensures not only the protection of property but the protection of the environment by its neutralising effect. Installing an eco-friendly system protects your health along with safeguarding the environment.


Designing and installing a fire protection system for your residential or commercial area is a necessity and in some cases is now made mandatory and enforced by new building regulations. It is about safety, security, and the reputation of an organisation. The higher dependence of moving with modern times and improved building regulations, while considering the available tried and tested and safe fire suppression technologies, makes it easier for us to act wisely today.

You can contact IPH Mist Suppression for a free water mist design quote and installation plan that will pass building regulations and keep your property, possessions and loved ones safe should a fire break out.