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What Causes A Domestic Fire And How Can You Prevent It From Ever Happening?

Fire is an unpredictable force that becomes unstoppable as well when it has gained momentum. Once the fire reaches your ceiling, there are less chances that you can put out the fire on your own.

What Causes A Domestic Fire And How Can You Prevent It From Ever Happening?

We all know what causes house fires, but that doesn’t mean that a fire can’t happen unexpectedly.

Cooking in kitchen is something that happens at every household and this seemingly normal activity can quickly become dangerous. Fire related accidents can happen quickly but they can have devastating results. Fires can easily cause millions of dollars in property damage and not to mention the fatalities or the injuries. Every one of us should take extra care while dealing with open flames, so a fire hazard can always be avoided in domestic settings.

If you’re still figuring out that what causes a fire in the first place then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out the common causes of a house fire.


Compact heaters are the second-driving reason for home fires and home fire wounds. The reason they cause such countless fires is that numerous property holders don’t regard the spatial necessities expected of these things. Heaters have explicit guidelines on the crate or signs to tell their proprietors how close they can be put to different things, furniture, or dividers.

These are not simply proposals; these spatial prerequisites have been tried and are needed to guarantee your protected utilization of the item and to forestall any fires brought about by them.

Leaving a heater close to a heap of garments or an uncovered divider may cause a continuous development of warmth that outcomes in lighting the flammable item, clothes, or dividers. If a divider bursts into flames, you should leave the house quickly as possible, don’t risk your life.

With the wide variety of styles and kinds of room heaters, it is imperative to consistently peruse the maintenance rules to keep you and your family protected from any potential fires brought about by heaters. Know that heaters that use fuel (like lamp oil) are bound to cause a house fire than their electrical partners.


Cooking fires are among the most widely recognized kinds of house fires, causing around 49% of all domestic fires. They are regularly caused about by greasy liquids that become overheated on an oven or in a stove, and when it arrives at that point, it can combust immediately, even without direct fire contact. Once oil is ignited, it is be very hard to put out the fire.

Never leave the kitchen unattended when cooking in oil or when preparing a food that produces oil, like bacon. Most kitchen fires start since when a property holder leaves food preparing unaided on an oven or in a stove. When the fire is found, it’s generally past the point of no return. Altogether keep your ovens and burners spotless to keep oil from developing over the long period.

Here are a couple of tips to follow if you unintentionally set an oil fire in your kitchen:

  • Eliminate the source of heath
  • Pour baking soda freely over more small oil fires
  • Cover the lit oil with a metal top
  • Use a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher
  • Getaway and call 911

What you should remember if you have an oil fire on your hand:

  • Try not to use water
  • Just baking soda can be utilized, no other heating materials
  • Try not to move the burning pot anyplace

Smoking is dangerous to your wellbeing from multiple points of view—including the potential for lighting fires from cigarette butts dropped on covering, furniture, or other combustible materials. Flames from cigarettes and smoking materials cause almost 78,000 deaths and more major injuries every year in the U.K.

Smoking materials like cigarettes, pipes and cigars are the main source of deaths in home flames, however they just record for 5% of every single home fire. This is for a couple of reasons. Smoking materials lit inside are moderately small and easy to forget. And keeping in mind that few people utilize smoking as a loosening up action, there is a probability of nodding off while smoking, leaving the lit material to drop on the floor to get cover or other combustible materials ablaze.

You should smoke outside at whatever point possible, and never leave lit smoking materials unattended. If you should smoke inside, don’t relax or unwind on combustible furnishings, as this builds the danger of nodding off. In case you’re smoking, stay ready and attentive the entire time.

Most deaths from fires began in the kitchen, living or the common room. If you smoke, make certain to put out any lit butts completely and not simply throw them. Smoking-related deaths happen most normally because of the smoker dozing off and leaving the lit butt unattended.


You might not know this but almost 20,000 homes in the U.K every year suffer electrical fires.

To stay away from expected electrical accidents and issues that may bring about an electrical fire, have your home investigated before buying it.

Additionally, plan occasional fire inspections to guarantee your electrical framework and lighting fixtures are up to standard and safe. Guarantee that all alarms are replaced before they expire and become obsolete and that batteries are always changed.

So, the biggest question is yet to be answered, ‘How to save yourself from a domestic fire?’

Install a fire detection system:

Fire detection systems not only alert you in the event of a fire, but they will also make sure to put out the fire before it becomes hard to control. IPH Mist Suppression offers the best fire mist suppression system that will make sure that your electrical appliances and other things aren’t flooded with water while making sure that the fire gets extinguished.

IPH Mist Suppression Ltd. is the approved distributor, and installer for all ICO products, including its water mist system. IPH Mist Suppression Ltd. makes sure that whether the project is large or small, it’s delivered on time and within the specified budget.

If you have any more questions on fire safety or on our mist suppression system, then feel free to call us, and our front-line executives will make sure to answer all your questions.

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