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Ways You Can Prevent Domestic Fires from Breaking Out
It’s always better safe than sorry when we’re talking about fire safety. It’s even better to prevent the fire from happening in the first place.
23 June 2021

It’s always better safe than sorry when we’re talking about fire safety. It’s even better to prevent the fire from happening in the first place. As children, we all remember our mums telling us to blow out candles because they can trigger a fire. Well, we’ve come a long way from blowing out candles and turning off heaters.

If you’re planning to prevent your house from fires, then you’ve come to the right place. IPH Mist Suppression, offers the best water mist suppression system in the UK that will make sure that your house will become fireproof.

Continue reading to find out how you can prevent domestic fires from breaking out…

Know about the risks of fire safety

The first and most significant thing you can do is ensure everybody in the family is instructed about fire safety, including kids. What number of us leave the kitchen with food preparing on the oven? The appropriate response is likely a large portion of us. It’s risky, but then we do it any way. Use your assets, including your local neighborhood group of fire-fighters, to instruct your family on family fire security and make little yet deterrent changes around the house — like killing the oven each time you leave the room.

Clip and trim things that are susceptible to fire

Outgrown grass clippings and dry leaves can make heath and light fires. Make sure that your yard duty is always on time, and when disposing of garbage, make sure that you remove it from the house and discard it quickly.

What other things should you check?

Sensitive containers like hair sprays or deodorants

Keep all sensitive jars away from direct sunlight or fire. The baking spray ought to be kept a long way from burners and stoves, and hairspray should never do used to light a fire — regardless of what entertainment films show you.


Make it a rule of thumb to store alcohol in a place that is safe from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Always keep the cap tight of the container to stay away from dissipation.

Cooking oil

Store cooking oil in cool, dry places that keep a consistent temperature. Try not to leave it on the burner while cooking, and don’t dump it when you’re finished with it. Discard cooking oil in a fixed holder — ideally non-recyclable — and toss it out with your domestic trash.

Gas and other fuels

Store gas and other fuels away from rain and in a covered, all-around ventilated region, yet not in your home. Never smoke, strike a match or fabricate a fire close to combustible holders.

Nail paint cleaner

Ensure the cap is safely on the container. Store it in a cool spot with even temperatures to forestall staining and destabilization of the chemical inside. It’ll guard you against fire dangers and preserve your nail paint remover for a longer time.

Install a fire detection system

Fire detection systems not only alert you in the event of a fire, but they will also make sure to put out the fire before it becomes hard to control. IPH Mist Suppression offers the best fire mist suppression system that will make sure that your electrical appliances and other things aren’t flooded with water while making sure that the fire gets extinguished.

Why is a water mist suppression system better than other fire safety devices?

Water mist suppression systems result in less damage due to water, activate faster than other water systems, and can extinguish different types of fires. Our water mist suppression system uses up to 80% less water to extinguish the same fire as a conventional sprinkler system. Such fire protection technology does not release toxic fumes, and fits in any room or hallway, and so it is advantageous for you and your loved ones.

What are the benefits of a water mist suppression system?

Our aim when searching for a water mist system supplier was to offer our customers both unparalleled quality and efficiency. To this end, we chose the compact IPH water mist Suppression system – an extremely efficient, high quality, modern product that uses the leading Software and a design that is aesthetically pleasing and easily and fits in any space, corridor, or stairwell in buildings.

Another advantage of this particular water mist system is that it tests itself on a monthly basis, leaving you only the annual maintenance check to take care of.

What is the best Mist Suppression System?

The efficiency of the system depends greatly on the nozzle design, as well as the range of the size of water droplets and their velocities. A water suppression system has both large and small water droplets; each type has its own advantage. The larger droplets penetrate the plume and cool down the fuel. The smaller ones convert to steam at the flame, and increase the enthalpy of the enclosed space.

The IPH water mist suppression system uses patent technology, with patents granted in the UK, Europe, the United States, and Australia. Specifically, the IPH water mist system comprises a custom pump that can be wall-mounted or set on the floor, cupboard/cabinet, hose and fittings, and a patented nozzle design that protrudes only 3 mm below a ceiling.

IPH Mist Suppression Ltd. is the approved distributor, and installer for all IPH products.

If you have any more questions on fire safety or on our mist suppression system, then feel free to call us, and our dedicated water mist team will make sure to answer all your questions.