The Water Mist System

Our Water Mist System is one of the most modern, highly efficient, eco-friendly systems in the industry to date and with a compact unit that self tests (monthly), means you only need to service once a year.

Furthermore, with patents granted in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Europe, our water mist suppression system is notably the market leader in fire suppression techniques. 

Welcome to the next generation of Fire

Suppression and revolutionary 

Water Mist System!

The iCO Mission Statement

“Our mission is to offer industry leading mist systems that use up to 80% less water than conventional sprinkler systems, that are compliant to BS8458:2015 and the most aesthetically pleasing products on the market today.”

The IPH custom built Water Mist System is made up of 3 premium components:

The Custom PUMP

The Patent NOZZLE

The HOSE & Fittings

IPH Mist Suppression design, install and service a revolutionary fire suppression system, offering industry leading software, efficient system design, easy install coupled with discreet 

Our lightweight mist nozzles sit just 3mm below the ceiling making them non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing whilst offering complete protection. These patented nozzles connect to a compact pump unit using IPH’s flexible high powered hoses and premium fittings.

*** Our expertise of the water mist system allows a creative delivery to design and flexible installation solutions to any challenges that may present themselves when attending a live site. The IPH approach ensures that both small and large scale projects remain on time and to budget.


Fire tested to BS:8458 residential watermist and BS:9252 sprinkler standard.


Our aesthetic nozzles sit flush with the ceiling making them as discreet as possible.


The custom pump auto tests once per week to ensure ongoing functionality.


Our flexible high pressure hose, allows efficient system instal of any property with ease.


The pump operates solely from the mains water supply, no large water tanks required.


Receive real time alerts direct to your phone or smart device.


All work is carried out by IPH’s experienced team of engineers and is delivered to the highest standard.


Need help? We have engineers available 24 hours a day to ensure your systems are always at peak efficiency.


The IPH Mist Suppression team have over 70 years combined experience in fire suppression and safety installation.

Since its initial stage development in the year 2000, there has been an interest in furthering the application of high pressure water mist technology as a credited fire protection system for the residential sector.

It is our purpose at IPH Water Suppression to provide an education as to why Water Mist Systems should be a considered solution for your residential development project, as such we offer you our thoughts…

Flush Nozzles

Are you looking for a fire suppression system that doesn’t negatively impact the aesthetics of your property?

On the 23rd March 2016 the iCO system under took independent third party testing by Exova Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory and achieved all testing criteria.

On the 23rd March 2016 the iCO system under took independent third party testing by Exova Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory and achieved all testing criteria.

Our water mist system is the industry’s leading domestic and residential fire suppression mist system and is proudly manufactured in Britain.


Patents Granted

United Kingdom, USA, Australia & Europe

We will be with you every step of the way to design, install and commission your new water mist system.