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Water Mist Fire System | Keep Your House Secure
What do you do if your house is on fire? You can’t even imagine the thought without getting goosebumps. Just the idea of seeing your house on fire would put you in a panic mode; what would be your reaction if it happened for real? Even if the fire is put out right away, the psychological damage is more than property damage.
15 September 2021

In the UK, over 150,000 cases of fires were recorded in 2020, out of which 37,000 were house fires. What’s more concerning is that 211 people lost their lives to these fire-related incidents. It is not an option to ignore the dangers of the possibility of a fire in your house. The question is now how to prevent the fire and have a proper fire protection system in place.

When looking for ways to protect their house from fire, people have shifted their focus to water mist systems that have replaced the traditional sprinkler systems in most modern buildings. A water mist system is an upgrade to sprinkler technology. Here are some reasons why water mist system is in demand:


  1. Mist Creation

The water mist system discharges fine water droplets that create a mist to extinguish the fire and cool the air quickly. Since the scattered droplets in the air have a larger surface contact with the smoke and air, they effectively cool the air quickly.

The tiny droplets are released from a nozzle that is programmed to sense heat and react immediately. The nozzles do not respond to smoke alone, which is a water mist system that does not go off on false alarms and does not cause damage to the objects in the room for no reason.


  1. Saving Lives

There is no measurable value in life. The most important feature of water mist systems is that they save lives. About 30% of all fire-related deaths are caused by smoke and gas inhalation. You may have gone through a fire drill in which people are trained to drop down and crawl out of a room on fire to avoid the smoke.

The mist fire suppression goes beyond putting out the fire; it washes away the smoke as well, potentially saving hundreds of lives each year. The system clears the smoke quickly for the residents to evacuate and makes things easy for firefighters to move around and rescue the stranded ones.


  1. Response Rate

In case of a fire, the most precious thing is time. Fire breaks out in seconds and can take the whole house down in minutes. It is crucial to have a fire protection system that senses and responds very quickly to a fire.

Fortunately, a water mist system sold by IPH Mist Suppression has a response time much lower than a traditional sprinkler – almost a difference of two minutes. In a situation where every second counts and may save lives, installing a water mist system and being free of worries is vital.


  1. Saving Your Assets

A water sprinkler system is ruthless when it comes to spraying water everywhere to extinguish a possible fire. Almost always, a sprinkler will put out the fire but end up causing damage to the things in the room. Things like furniture, electronic gadgets, electrical devices, and personal belongings that can be spoiled by water are some examples of assets destroyed by sprinklers.

But don’t worry, sprinklers are a thing of the past. You can get a water mist system installed from IPH Mist Suppression and not worry about damaged assets or cleaning up after the whole house is drenched.


  1. Cost Savings

Water Mist systems are cost-efficient and environment-friendly too. The reason is that mist systems use a lesser quantity of water than sprinklers.

In fact, the water mist system from IPH Mist Suppression saves up to 80% of the water quantity usually required by the sprinkler system. The cost of buying a large supply tank is also saved as a smaller tank would suffice for a water mist system. The eventual result is a significant drop in the water bill.

Water mist systems are being installed in homes across the UK, and there are thousands of satisfied customers of water mist systems. Don’t hesitate to take a free quote from IPH Mist Suppression to know how the water mist system will save your life and your money.

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