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Understanding The Functioning of a Water Mist System
The destructive nature of fire hazards call for efficient fire extinguishing systems as sometimes even the putting out of fires causes even further damage. Among the several fire extinguishing options is the water mist system that, through its effective water mist dispensing system, minimises the risk of damage.
22 March 2021

IPH Mist Suppression brings you a stellar fire suppressing mechanism that offers you a safe and constructive way to put out fires and ensure the safety of your spaces. In this blog, you will be introduced to the functioning and benefits these water mist sprinkler systems provide. Let’s begin shielding your surroundings from the hungry fire flames!

How does the Water Mist Suppression System Operate?

Unlike conventional fire suppression systems, the mist sprinkler system operates smoothly by deploying millions of tiny micro droplets from its discreet nozzles that spread out over the heated area. Without letting out a huge amount of water (80% less than standard sprinkler systems and therefore reducing unnecessary water wastage), these mist droplets cool down the fire and adjust the oxygen level to prevent combustion from further materials.

The ultra-fine water droplets move around the space and get sucked into the heat like a vacuum. With their high reach and ability to penetrate in and around areas that are hard to access otherwise, they offer 3d protection. Water mist suppression systems also safeguard the high-value assets by the controlled and measured discharge of micro water droplets that can be simply wiped off many surfaces after use.

Advantages of using Water Mist Systems

A water mist system is a quicker and more effective way of fighting fires, while also being an eco-friendly system as they help conserve water. Even if water availability is limited, the mist system makes apt use of it by tapping into your mains inlet to suppress the flames. It is the simply installation and servicing of these systems, reasoning why more and more industries are opting to use them as a solution.

The water mist system is a perfect fit for both commercial and residential purposes as they greatly reduce the threat of spreading fire and the cost of water damage repairs. The IPH Mist System, with its flexible hoses and compact pump units, are known to be amazingly versatile and cover every spot where the conventional sprinklers can hardly reach.

These systems not only detect, but they notify the owner the presence of fire that curbs down damage levels and is a welcomed safety feature. The quick activation and innovative water disposal system protects the building structure by safekeeping your surroundings from a potentially devastating loss.

The toxic fumes released from the burning of items can result in harmful effects on the health of people or aggravate breathing issues in people who are already suffering from respiratory problems. Since no toxic fumes are released when the water mists system is in operation, the risk of breathing issues is minimised in the event of activation.

Wrap Up

Today more and more people opt for the water mist suppression system due to the flexibility and security they offer to the family home. There are lesser chances of any real fire damage to your property, and the fire is suppressed in no time at all. IPH has introduced its remarkable water mist suppression system that is flexible to be installed in a wide variety of property types offering an effective solution to home owners.

Contact the IPH Team for a free installation quote so that you are always safe should ever there be a fire breakout in your proeprty.