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Saving Money On Your Fire Protection System Inspections
No matter which fire protection system you have, its maintenance, upgrading, and monthly or yearly inspections are part of your safety. You have to think of the entire system as a delicate ecosystem that works in conjunction to ensure the safety of your building as one whole unit.
19 March 2021

Despite some of the systems, such as the water mist system, having a compact size, it detects and extinguishes fire along with alerting the building occupants in case evacuation becomes unavoidable. The collapse of such an important system puts the entire building and the people at risk. Thus, regular maintenance and attention to the proper functioning of the system becomes imperative.

However, some fire protection system inspections can be expensive. For those who are wary of these mounting prices, there are a few ways where you can save money and make sure that your fire suppression system stays fully functional and running.

Buy Bundle Services – Design, Installation and Maintenance.

Getting further services from the company that has installed your fire protection system is beneficial in the long run. Ask about all the relevant maintenance services that your water mist suppression company offers before making any final decisions.

Syncing up your fire protection system inspections with the same company who installed it will reduce all disruption and downtime from additional labour and administration costs.

Keep All Systems Well-Maintained

Whether it is the annual inspection or buying a new mist sprinkler system, the price for both is higher than keeping your system maintained. An approved fire protection system company sorts out everything through an appropriate inspection schedule that prevents hazardous situations and reduces the risk of potentially unhecked repairing costs.

In addition, should our IPH Mist Suppression compact pump unit, recognise a fault, the owner will be alarmed immediately by the system. At this point please contact your locally placed water mist installation company to ensure the repairs are undertaken swiftly.

Water Mist System - Testing and Standards

Winter-Safe Your System

It is important to make your mist suppression system winter-safe. The freezing of water will make it impossible for the droplets to burst out of the nozzle and cover the area on fire. To make your fire protection system safe and functioning, you will have to upgrade your building structure and take other necessary precautions that can result in cool winds making their way to the fire system and freezing the water inside the sprinkler.

At IPH Mist Suppression, we undertake the necessary precautions (during installation process) to ensure that our pipes do NOT freeze.



Taking timely precautions is always better than facing the dire consequences should the unthinkable happen. Therefore, by streamlining the inspection and maintenance process, you will be saved from hefty repairs or buying and installing the entire system again.