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Open Plan Living
Thinking of designing an open plan kitchen and living space? Has Building Inspectors now requested you install a fire suppression system?
14 August 2020

Open Plan Living space – who said fire suppression?

It may be that following months of research on Pinterest, you have thought to yourself “If I knock down that wall, I can get some much needed space back, which will be perfect for my new kitchen”. Youve started browsing new kitchen worktops, silent closing cupboards, ergonomic handles and amply sized wine fridges.

Additionally the colour scheme that compliments deliberately placed features and appliances dotted throughout the dining and living space has been food for some tasty conversations/arguements with your partner or anyone who may be willing to listen.

The redesign of your new open plan living space is possibly becoming a reality and taking shape…Did you just book your tradesmen and order parts?

Now, owing to revised building regulations, we must ask further questions:

Thinking of knocking down a wall for a new kitchen?

Will your stairs now lead straight into your open plan living space?

Has Building Regulations now got involved requiring the mandatory installation of a Fire Suppression System?

Our custom made water mist nozzles sit just 3mm below the ceiling making them the most non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing nozzles on the market today whilst offering complete protection.

These patented and highly discreet nozzles connect to a compact pump unit using IPH’s flexible high powered hoses and premium fittings.

IPH Mist Suppression Ltd are a leading distributor who design, install and service premium water mist fire suppression systems throughout the UK.

We are dedicated to offering developers, architects and owners an effective and discreet water mist system for the home.

Who wants bulky Sprinkler Systems in their Home?

Are you looking for a discreet fire suppression system that’s easy to install and doesn’t negatively impact the aesthetics of your property?

The IPH Process:

1. Contact our team for a free quote and consultation regarding your refurbishment, redesign, development or home build project.

2. Site Visit. If necessary to do so, our dedicated team will visit your site free of charge. At this time we will discuss the number of nozzles required to pass building regulations and safeguard your home while considering the best route for the high pressured hoses to navigate and ensure coverege is correctly located.

3. System Installation Process – consisting of two steps.

  • First Fix – An IPH Mist Suppression engineer will arrive with high-pressure hoses and the final layout.
  • Second Fix – An IPH Mist Suppression engineer will visit your home with the custom pump and our patented discreet nozzles.

4. Servicing & Monitoring –  Our custom Pump is required to be serviced once a year. In addition, it can send real time alerts direct to your mobile phone or smart device to support peace of mind should you be away.

The IPH custom built Water Mist System is made up of 3 premium components:

The Custom PUMP

The Patent NOZZLE

The HOSE & Fittings

IPH Mist Suppression


Home to the only water mist system you should consider.

Our custom-made Water Mist System is designed specifically for the open plan family home and multi-user kitchen environments, such as student accommodation, HMO’s and blocks of flats where the risk of fire is increased owing to a number of salient factors.

There are many benefits of choosing a water mist system over its competition:

IPH Mist Suppression are born from IPH Fire Solutions and IPH Electrical, our Group has achieved the following accreditations:

IPH Mist Suppression are born from IPH Fire Solutions and IPH Electrical, our Group has achieved the following accreditations: