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Mandatory Fire Suppression

New mandatory fire suppression measures are to be adhered to in all new high-rise blocks over 11 metres tall when they come into force in November 2020.

Mandatory Fire Suppression

Mandatory Fire Suppression over 11 Meters

The Government has now published their response to their consultation on Approved Document B, which covers building regulations for fire safety.

The government has also published an amendment to the statutory guidance to building safety regulations – otherwise known as Approved Document B. These changes will ensure sprinkler systems and consistent wayfinding signage are mandatory in all new high-rise blocks over 11 metres tall when they come into force commencing the 26th November 2020.

“Biggest changes to Building Safety for a generation!”

New mandatory requirements have been put in place and will be in effect from 26th November 2020 

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP said:

“New statutory guidance published today also means that all new residential buildings over 11 metres tall will be fitted with sprinkler systems. This is another critical part of our commitment to delivering the biggest changes to building safety for a generation.”

The IPH Water Mist System is a proven viable option in the residential and domestic market, while also providing a more discreet solution to fire suppression than the traditional sprinkler system.

RESIDENTS: If the cladding on your building is not safe, seek confirmation as to the actions your building owner is taking and how they intend to finance the work. If your building owner cannot meet the costs themselves or intends to charge you for the remediation, you should refer them to the ‘Building Safety Fund’.

This action follows a wider Government initiative to improve fire safety in general following the Grenfell Tower fire which saw 72 people lose their lives. As such, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in February 2020 a new £1bn fund to remove dangerous cladding from all private and social housing tower blocks across the UK with immediate effect.

Are you eligible for the fund?

The registration process (or expression of interest) will open on the1st June and close on 31st July. Applications for funding (to commence by the end of July) will only be available to those building owners, freeholders or responsible entities who register.

Finance Available

Finance Available

We offer finance on all Residential, Domestic and Commercial redevelopment projects who may require financial support to install a water mist system throughout their scheme.

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Water Mist System


Water Mist System

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