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Ingenious Water Mist System Installers
Fire protection systems have become an integral part of buildings, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, for the safety of the occupants. Since it is the safety of the people and the property we are concerned for, we have to ensure that we choose reliable water mist system installers who know what they are doing and have the appropriate skills and knowledge to install the fire protection system in the building efficiently.
20 April 2021

Therefore, in this blog, IPH Mist Suppression, a leading water mist system installer, introduces you to the ingenious use of water mist systems to combat fire hazards. IPH Mist Suppression offers extensive fire protection system installation and maintenance services so that you are protected from any untoward happening for the duration your water mist system is present in your building.

Using Water Intelligently

A simple yet often overlooked factor while putting out fires is the use of water. You don’t have to resort to massive storage tanks of water anymore. However, you do need to know how to use the correct application of water valume in a manner that efficiently puts out the fire with minimal damage to a property with minimal wastage of water from the system, not forgetting no loss of life.

Using High Pressure in the Mist Suppression System

The ingenious water mist suppression system installers are aware of the benefits a robust water mist system provides. The presence of a water mist system in a building reduces up to 70% of insurance premiums and controls over 99% of the fires. The high pressure of water forms a large blanket of protection around the affected area as the water mist particles reach far and wide to suffocate the oxygen and heat source of the fire.

Removal of Oxygen with the Water Mist System

The fine high-pressure water mist droplets quickly spread around a large area to absorb heat which is then suppressed by evaporation. The high surface area of the small water droplet expands more, removing oxygen from near the fire that stops the process of combustion.

Utilising the Heat Absorption Mechanism of Water

Installers with adequate knowledge of water system mechanisms know that compared to the traditional water sprinkler system, the water mist suppression system has greater heat absorption ability that helps in extinguishing fire in a shorter time with minimal water damage to the surroundings. The large water particles of the traditional sprinkler system have a small surface area that does not absorb enough energy to absorb the heat. As opposed to it, the high-pressure water mist has small droplets that spread over a large area like a cloud, get sucked into the danger area like a vacuum and can absorb more energy.

Therefore, fire protection system installers who work in the residential sector and understand these values, will continue to recommend water mist systems over a traditional sprinkler system to home owners.

IPH Mist Suppression uses high-quality materials as well as a team of skilled technicians who make use of their knowledge and sophisticated tools to create a custom built tested and approved fire protection system that saves lives and property.

With IPH, finance is available for you to make your property safer. In case you are looking for ingenious water mist suppression system installers, IPH Mist Suppression offers you an affordable and effective design, installation and ongoing fire protection service.