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Future of the Fire Protection System
You might not know this, but water-based fire protection systems have been around since 1860 but yes, technology has changed since then, and today we’re looking at the future of fire protection technology which is a fire suppression mist system.
17 June 2021

These mist fire suppression systems are giving a tough time to conventional fire protection systems, and people are quickly welcoming fire suppression systems into their commercial and residential buildings.

Could water mist systems assume control over the fire protection industry?

With the developing wellbeing concerns and natural effects of other suppression specialists, for example carbon dioxide and halogenated hydrocarbons or dry and wet chemical, water mist systems could be the right response to fire emergencies.

What is a fire suppression mist system?

These suppression systems are usually categorized by their pressure factor, so we use NFPA 750. That is a norm for water mist systems, and in that norm, they offer up low-pressure system, transitional, and high pressure. So low-pressure systems work at around the very pressure that sprinkler systems will work at.

Transitional pressure is between 175 psi and 500 psi, and afterward, high-pressure systems, 500 psi and up. So the most noteworthy suppression water mist system that we are aware of is around 2,300 psi of pressing factor, so an example of an extremely high-pressure system with specific tubing or channeling that is specifically utilized for that water mist system.

Presently, there are contrasts between water mist systems and the droplet size that they produce, so ordinarily, the smaller the water drop size, the better it is at dousing a hot fire. Bigger drops can work quicker on lower temperature fires, yet they all work for the systems that they’re approved for.

Why fire suppression mist system is the future of fire protection technology?

We see water mist as the future for residential fire suppression. It’s a popular choice for people who prefer the wellbeing of their facility and is ecofriendly:

Fire mist suppression systems use tiny droplets of mist, which help in extinguishing the fire while causing the least damage to their electrical systems.

We even see organizations with existing complete flood CO2 systems proceeding to detach them and replace them with water mist systems. It’s a water-productive option in contrast to conventional sprinklers.

Therefore, we can utilize a water mist system and organize it so that we could replace the traditional sprinkler system with a water mist sprinkler system. If you require a bespoke design that is tailored according to your needs, then you’ve come to the right place.

water mist system - the pressure dial

Enter IPH Mist Suppression

IPH Mist Suppression Ltd is a leading distributor who design, install and service the most discreet water mist system throughout the UK and beyond.

Call us today and get yourself a water mist suppression system that will ensure that your building and your belongings are protected in the event of fire at all times.