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Choosing The Best Fire Suppression Systems
Whether it is homes, offices or any facility, the possibility of fire breakouts is likely. Despite the many precautions that many of us take, there is no guarantee that such incidents won’t take place. Therefore, to complement your safety measures, you need to install fire suppression systems so that despite the outbreaks, you can limit the damage to life and property.
11 January 2021

How Does a Fire Suppression System Help

A fire suppression system integrates units that together extinguish the fire by spraying a specific substance. The suppression systems also warn personnel to take actions that will minimise the loss and damage that would otherwise be greater.

With so many fire suppression systems in the market, you can have trouble selecting a suppression system that suitable for your building and company needs.


Types of Fire Suppression Systems

The fire suppression systems have evolved to match the requirements of various industries and facilities. Some of these systems make use of the conventional water sprinkler systems, while others use inert gases for the fire suppression mechanism. The fire protection systems can be categorised into the following:

Co2 Systems

The CO2 systems envelop the area to prevent oxygen from fueling the process of combustion. Since CO2 can result in breathing issues, such systems are used in areas that are less accessible to people.

Inert Systems

The inert or nonreactive gases such as argon, and nitrogen or their combination can reduce oxygen levels to a point where combustion is not possible. The inert gases are safe for people and do not cause breathing issues.

Clean Agents

Also known as chemical agents, act faster and are people-safe. Clean agents are safe for all the irreplaceable assets such as electronics, artworks, and other assets that can otherwise be damaged by water systems.

Water Mist System

There have been many improvements to water mist systems making it the perfect solution for a family home. The water sprinkler systems use very fine water droplets that greatly reduce the risk of any additional collateral damage.

How To Choose a Fire Suppression System

Pick a fire suppression system that suits your facility by ensuring the below factors:

Design Flexibility

Choose a fire suppression system that has a flexible design. Of all the systems, the inert gases are more flexible and can be stored at pressures exceeding 4000 psi compared to the chemical agents that are stored as liquids and carry the risk of friction losses while flowing through the pipes.


Pick an environment-friendly system that does not harm people or their surroundings. The water-based solutions or inert gases are the safest and environment-friendly solutions. It is imperative to be thoughtful of the environment for the safety of both people and the impact of their surroundings.

  • A fire suppression system that makes it hard for people to breathe or harms the furnishing or machines is as disastrous as the fire itself.


Choose a fire suppression system that is low maintenance so that you don’t have to deal with huge maintenance costs that can draw out huge sums from your bank. The domestic mist fire suppression systems require low maintenance and are high on performance. They have any equally easy installation process that makes them the least expensive of all.

The best fire suppression system doesn’t have to be costly; it has to be efficient and one that suits your facility or family home to minimise loss, cost, and ensure safety. If you are looking for an effective, low cost, and functional fire safety mechanism, IPH Mist Suppression Systems offers you valuable and convenient fire suppression systems that assure protection against fire breakouts.