IPH Mist Suppression engineers are considered as key workers  during this difficult period.  We take the protection of both our staff and clients very seriously and have taken measures to ensure our staff are safe to attend site.  We offer your our covid protocols:

Communication with Other Workers on Site

When working with other trades on site, operatives will make sure they are working with social distancing guidance. If this is not possible work should be stopped and discussed with IPH Mist Suppression Limited on-site supervisor.

If operatives are feeling unwell, they will inform the IPH Mist Suppression Limited site supervisor who must inform the Site Manager before leaving the site.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 Viral Pandemic, the following additional PPE may be required subject to the risk assessment or site rules:

  • Disposable Latex Gloves.

The current social distancing guidelines must be adhered to wherever practically possible. If the social distancing guidelines cannot be met, the following further PPE may be required.

The duration of close working will be kept to a minimum.

  • Face Mask (FFP2 minimum rating).
  • Clear Full-Face Visor.

IPH Mist Suppression Limited will provide all employees with Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and wipes which will be applied at regular intervals.

IPH Mist Suppression Limited PPE and site standards will also be adhered to. These requirements will be highlighted on entry to the site.

Sanitised Maintenance

  • All workers will wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap when they are entering and leaving a site or use a sanitising hand wash/Sanitising Station.
  • Break, lunch etc, times will be staggered and taken when the canteen is quiet to avoid contact with other trades.
  • Workers will maintain the current social distancing guidance from others whilst/if using canteens.
  • Workers are to wash their hands before and after using the welfare facilities (When handwashing facilities are not available workers will be using hand sanitiser or Sanitising Station).
  • All workers will make sure they have cleared their workstations and canteen areas they have used before leaving, no rubbish will be left for others to clear.


When travelling at work or between offices, site, client’s premises etc, IPH Mist Suppression Limited workers should travel alone where practical. Wherever possible workers should travel to the site alone using their own transport. If workers have no option but to share transport:


Driving at Work

  • Journeys should be shared with the same individuals and with the minimum number of people at any one time.
  • Good ventilation (e.g., keeping the windows open) and facing away from each other may help to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Wherever possible drivers and passengers should maintain a distance of two metres and avoid touching their faces.
  • The vehicle should be cleaned using gloves and standard cleaning products, with particular emphasis on handles and other areas where passengers may touch surfaces.
  • Use hand cleaning facilities before entering and after getting out of the vehicle and at entrances and exits points wherever possible or hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.
  • Wash their hands for 20 seconds using soap and water or hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.


Public Transport

Where public transport is the only option for IPH Mist Suppression Limited workers, this should be raised with the Site

Manager, and we will consider, changing or staggering site hours to reduce congestion on public transport.


IPH Mist Suppression Limited workers will not travel to or attend work if any of the following apply.


  • They record a temperature of above 38–°C (100.4–°F).
  • They have a consistent cough. loss of taste or smell.
  • They have had a positive COVID-19 test and are therefore quarantined.
  • Anyone within their household has any of the above symptoms or has a positive COVID-19 test.

If any of the above apply you should make you immediate manager aware at the earliest opportunity.

Test and Trace

IPH Mist Suppression Limited will comply with current Government Guidance regarding Test and Trace.

In order to help minimise the onward spread of Covid-19, IPH Mist Suppression Limited may release data to the NHS Test and Trace service where IPH Mist Suppression Limited employees or subcontractors are identified as people who may have been in contact with the virus.

If there is more than one case of COVID-19 associated with the workplace, this information may be passed to PHE.

Personal hygiene measures

IPH Mist Suppression Limited workers should follow government guidelines on Personal hygiene measures to reduce the general risk of COVID-19, as outlined below.

  • Handwashing technique (use of soap and water, rubbing hands for at least 20 seconds etc.)
  • When handwashing is essential (e.g., after contact with hard surfaces or their working environment)
  • Respiratory etiquette during coughing and sneezing with disposable tissues or clothing
  • Appropriate waste disposal
  • Use of appropriate social distancing as per current Government guidance
  • Avoidance of close contact with people suffering from or self-isolating from COVID-19

Advice for operatives

IPH Mist Suppression Limited operatives are reminded to:

  • Frequently clean hands by using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue – throw the tissue away immediately and wash hands.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who has a fever and cough.
  • If experiencing fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early.


The standard procedures of IPH Mist Suppression Limited operatives should be followed when attending a client’s premises.

  • Efforts should be made to minimize contact between clients and employees attending site, with the use of photos, video links etc where possible (Where this is not possible, we will comply to social distancing as per current Government Guidance).

As well as protecting you and your household/development site, it is very important for us to protect our installers and employees. If anyone at your location has flu-like symptoms or is suffering from Covid 19, please advise IPH Mist Suppression as early as possible, as we will be unable to enter your property until after the prescribed period of self-isolation. Additionally, we will also look to re-arrange a suitable time to re-enter your property/site.

Having put these, and other, measures in place, IPH Mist Suppression are confident that we can provide you with fire suppression services which protect you and your family without unduly heightening risk.