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Benefits of Installing Water Mist Systems
To ensure the safety of the surroundings by use of an efficient fire suppressing mechanism, the use of a water mist suppression system is not only wise but can be affordable too.
6 January 2021

Putting out a fire is not just pouring a bucket of water to squash the flames. In some instances the substance used, whether it is water or not, can cause as much damage as the fire does. Assuming a space that has electronics installed in it catches fire, the uncontrolled water splashing or use of chemical agent can further trigger the fire or damage the electronics, resulting in loss similar to the fire devouring each thing to the last bit.

What is a Water Mist System?

Preferred by many as residential and domestic fire suppression systems, the water mist systems employ fine droplets of water to suppress or extinguish a fire. They are an alternative to traditional fire sprinklers that pose the risk of water damage in addition to the fire. The ultra-fine spray blankets the area with water droplets that are smaller than 1000 microns. With the efficacy of these mist systems, they make a perfect residential and domestic fire suppression system


How does the Water Mist System Work?

As soon as the fire system detects a fire, the water mist is activated. It discharges the water through a nozzle that lets out a stream of tiny water droplets. Using the stream of small water droplets, the fire is extinguished or greatly suppressed allowing you time to safely evacuate the property. They are very effective at cooling the flames and displacing the oxygen required to prevent combustion. Heat is thus absorbed with the evaporation of the water droplets.


Benefits of Installing the Mist System

The water mist suppression systems have many benefits. You can extinguish water by using 80% less water compared to the sprinklers without causing any damage to property or life. It activates faster compared to other fire protection measures and keeps people safe from any toxic fumes that might be released by the use of other substances. Despite using 80% less water than the sprinklers, it is more effective and does not harm people or the environment. No matter the cause of the fire outbreak, the water mist system works exceptionally safely and efficaciously.


The water mist systems are incredibly versatile and do not damage any appliances or valuable assets when putting out the fire. By using water as a suppressant, the safety of both the people and the environment is supported as no harmful gases or elements are released into the environment that contribute to global warming or hinder breathing by releasing toxic fumes.


If you want to install effective fire suppressing systems in your building, the IPH Mist Suppression System has bespoke solutions that come at affordable pricing. They have solutions that further improve the efficiency of a domestic fire suppression system within the home.